Learn about our experiences in music

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Conceptulized Experiences

Specialty Courses

Specialty courses are conceptualized educational classes/clinics that provides a more in depth experience on a specific subject matter in music. These are specialized courses that would give students an unique experience outside of your typical one on one instrument instruction.

SMS Music wanted to present a platform for POC that would provide the opportunity for underserved communities to take advantage of Special instruction that relates and caters to our unique experiences through music.


Online Courses

Summer Specialty Course taught by People that looks like YOU!

Course Title: “Emotional Vibrations thru Music”

Instructor: Victor FREEMAN 

Are you experiencing pandemic brain? Are you having challenges with overcoming emotional trauma from childhood experiences? Imagine a place where you would tap into a higher vibration and it is complete bliss.

Course Title: “The B.O.N.E.S of Auditioning”

Instructor: Jennifer Theriot

This is not a class to tell you exactly how to audition. This class is to give you the bones, basics, foundation of auditioning, and then you can add your flavor. We also discuss vocal health and how to sustain a healthy career. 

Course Title: Knees To the Sky

Instructor: Brittany S.

Get information that will help you prepare to be a PROUD member of an HBCU Marching band. Learn about what to expect, how to best prepare, and how to be a positive contributor to the Main Event.